Sekonic Auto Lumi model 86


Beljochtingsmeter mei selenium sel.

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The sekonic Auto-Lumi is from 1965 and stil in use
Bj?rn Rasmussen (Denmark)

actually I was wondering if there is a manual or instructions how to use it because my gf just braught one home and I dont know how to use it and I am just starting to get into photography, any info would be fabulous..thankyou ...
Brian Godfrey (Canada)

I to have a sekonic Auto-Lumi mod 86 Made in Japan in a leather case thats a bit the worse for wear. didnt know what it was till I came here.could be for sale at the right price?
Glen Lumley (England)

This meter operated by selenium cell so no battery is needed. All you need to do is to set the desired ISO and match the two needles. The correct shutter speed and aperture will be matched.
Jusni (Malaysia)

como utilizar sekonic model 86
felipe (colombia)


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   Sekonic Auto Lumi model 86