Kodak Ektasound 140

super 8
Ektar Zoom f/1.2 9-21mm

Super-8 sound-camera

Net te keap!

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do you know if you have to have a cartriage in camera to work?
troy (S.C.)

I have the same camera...you can buy film at www.centralcamera.com they have a location in chicago.
Wojtek (Chicago)

Hi, it is funny to see, that this type of camera is still living. A friend of mine, whos the owner of this camera, received this ca,era long tome ago, from an american businessfriend. This camera is quite new. But he want to sell this camera now. Do you know, who could be interested to buy it ? would be nice to hear from you, if you have an idea ? best regards Claus tel. 0049 4509 2223 or email.
Claus-Jürgen Schröder (northern Germany /Baltic sea side/Lübeck)


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   Kodak Ektasound 140