Micro 110

F:8, 25 mm Fixed Focus
1/120 s
? 1986

Simple camera, used for promotional activities, in this case for Opel automobiles.

Not for sale!

(addited comment from visitors:)

Weer volgens McKeown's: 1985 waarde 1-10 us dollar
Duco Mus (Harlingen)

Looks cute, but I see nothing that suggests it is an 8x11 frame size. Dont you think it is more likely to be of the normal 13x17 frame size, like in other 110 cameras?
Dimitar (Bulgaria)

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?
dstnukgvyd (swahuqlxxg)


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   Micro 110
Micro 110
Micro 110
Micro 110
Micro 110
Micro 110
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