Objectif Menisque, Foyer Fixe

The Coronet company in Birmingham (U.K.) linked up after WWII with Tiranty of Paris to produce cameras, but this one seems to be older. It has "Made in France" and French instructions.

Not for sale!

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Am achizitionat si eu unul 224B, pentru un sistem independent cu panouri fotovoltaice.Merge OK.Problema lui e ca papa 2Amperi l;a mers in gol. Deci 2*K2=48W*44h=1.22Wh pe zi.ceea ce mi se pare ENORM.A mai masurat cineva treaba asta?Cu regimul de power saving, consuma in jur de 12W, dar nu poate porni frigiderul…In consecinta e o jucarie frumoasa, dar foarte energofaga – drept pentru care ineficienta.Sincer, nu il recomand.


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