Ricoh Auto Half E

Ricoh f2,8/25 mm.

A spring-wind half-frame camera.

Not for sale!

(addited comment from visitors:)

I have a camera much the same as yours and I was wondering if they are worth much to a collector.I have a photo if you would like to see it.Thanks Ray...
ray (australia)

I got my kindle in November while living in virginia. i am now in florida for winter and cannot connect to internet because my password wo#7182n&;t work. can you help me either set a new password or help retrieve the one i had set.
Egd7SdQtDX (Qi4AswPr7Qw2)


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   Ricoh Auto Half E
Ricoh Auto Half E
Ricoh Auto Half E
Ricoh Auto Half E
206 (20-03-2006)