Konica C35 EF P

Konica Hexanon 38mm F4 lens
1/30, 1/60, 1/125?

Net te keap!

(tafoege kommentaar fan besikers:)

Just bought a C35V and need nfo from experts :)
Dave (Singapore)

Good afternoon. I am interested in selling a machine equal to it. Can you tell me how can assert more or less. Thank you.
Luis (Portugal)

Yay for macaron success! I made my first batch on the same day (and from the sounds of things, around the same time) as you and they turned out pretty nicely too. Must have been a good day for making macarons. ^_^Shame about the ganache. I thought my dark chocolate ganache was a tad runny initially as well, but after a short stint (15 minutes) in the fridge they were spelrdabay set. Better luck next time, right?
yB3ukxmKtm (WaY1sTFt62q)


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   Konica C35 EF P
Konica C35 EF P
Konica C35 EF P
Konica C35 EF P
Konica C35 EF P
127 (13-09-2003)